Remington Nature Clock Manual

Remington Nature Clock Manual

MANUALS & DATA SHEETS Use & Care Manuals. Remington ® use and care manuals are available in downloadable PDF Format. They can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you can’t find the manual you are looking for in the dropdown, please view your item’s product page. Oct 02, 2013  More gentle than traditional jarring alarms, this clock uses gradually increasing light, stimulating aromas, and peaceful nature sounds to awaken sleepers. At 30 minutes before wake-up, the clock.

The Rhythm CRH216UR06 Remington II Musical Mantel Clock offers the traditional look of a tambour style mantel clock, The Rhythm Remington II is set off by the two raised accent panels on the face to enhance the beauty of this model. Beaded molding on the base with an antiqued dial and antique brass bezel. The clock comes with the signature WSM movement which allows you to play 16 Classical melodies, an hourly and quarterly Westminster chime, and 3 Christmas melodies. The Chimes and music have a night off option and a volume control. The sounds may also be turned completely off. Accurate Quartz battery quartz operated. 2 C Batteries are included. Just flip a switch on the side to change your group selection.
One year warranty and Free Shipping.
Size: Height 11.1' Width 18' , Depth 5 1/16'.
Quarter Hour Westminster Chime or Hourly only Westminster Chime.
Classical Selections:
When the Saints Go Marching In, Greensleeves, Liebstraun No. 3, Amazing Grace, Sonata fur Klavier K 545-1, Jesus, Joy of Man's Desiring, Aura Lee, Air, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, Beautiful Dreamer, Danza Dell'ore (Dance of the Hours), In The Garden, Home Sweet Home, Lorelei, Nocturne Op. 9-2
Christmas Carols:
Silent Night, Joy to the World, We Wish You a Merry Christmas
listen to the melodies available on this selection
RMS11RMS11Westminster ChimeWhen The Saints Go Marching InGreensleevesLiebestraumamazing graceSonata fur Klavier K545-1Jesus Joy of Mans DesiringAura LeeAir She Wore a Yellow RibbonBeautiful DreamerDanza DelloreIn The GardenAufforderung zum tanzHome Sweet HomeLoreleiNocturne 9.2Silent NightJoy to The WorldWe Wish You a

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Instruction Guide

Important information beforeusing the clock:

1. Make sure to hang the clock firmly to thewall.
a. The enclosed screw can be recommended to use only for a hard wooden wall. Adifferent screw may be needed for other wall types.
b. When hanging the clock, double-check that it is securely hooked to the mountingscrew.

2. Do not disassemble the clock for any reason. This could cause damage to itsintricate workings and lower its quality.

3. Do not place the clock in the following locations (to prolong its generallife-span):
a. In a place of extreme heat or cold.
b. In a place of high humidity.
c. In a place which is often dusty.
d. Near stong sources of vibration or magnetism.

4. Do not use paint thinner or other harsh chemicals toclean the clock case. Gentle soaps are recommended.

5. Change the batteries once a year (whether they araerunning low or not).
a. Exhausted batteries may leak damaging battery acid.
b. Use alkaline batteries from a reliable battery maker. (We have found that Duracellbrand batteries work the best for most quartz movement clocks.)
c. Change all batteries at the same time.


1. Please take note of the model number of theclock. This is located on the lower portion of the back of the clock.

2. Carefully remove all shipping inserts:
a. Some models have packing materials inserted into the back of the clock toprotect moving parts during shipping.
b. In the case of the 'Sign of the Time' (4MH744NR23) clock, two lock leverson the back of the clock must also be pulled up.

3. Open the battery cover(s) on the back of theclock.

Joe weider super circuit master manual missouri map free. 4. Insert batteries, making sure they are placedin the labeled orientations.

5. Close the battery cover(s).Pdoc plug-in for mac pro.

6. Push theReset button (located either on the back orthe side of the clock).

7. Turn the hand setting knob on the back of theclock to set the time (or use the 'hour' and 'minute' buttons if the clock is from the 'Dancing Hands'series.

8. To activate the hourly melody and motion, slidetheON/OFF switch (located either on the back or the side of the clock) to the 'ON' position.
a. One melody plays at the top of the hour, and multiple melodiesautomatically change every hour.
b.The melody may not activateproperly when it first reaches the hour position after being reset.
This is not a defect, and the clock will activate properly from the next houronwards.

9. To deactivate the hourly melody and motion,slide the ON/Off switch to the off position.

10. To adjust the volume of the melody, turn theVolume control knob (located either on the back or the side of the clock) to the desired position while a melody is playing.

11. To demonstrate the melody and motion, simply presstheMonitor button (located either on the back, the side of the clock, the lower front of theclock, or as a pull-string below the clock). Pressiing the buttonrepeatedly while a song is playing, will cycle through the entire selection of songs. This function always works, regardless of the ON/OFF switch position.

12. Some models also have aDisplaybutton. Pressing this button allows the clock to be viewed in its'fully open' position. Pressing it again will return the clock to itsoriginal position. Try pressing it, and see what it does on your particular clock!

13. Remember to hang the clock firmly, straight and vertically on thewall.

Remington Nature Clock Manual

Automatic NighttimeShut-off:

Remington clock vintage

Musical clocks are equipped with a light sensor.It detects ambient light levels and prevents the melodies from playing in the dark.
Since the melody and motion will not play in the dark, it is important to place theclock in a well lit area.

Steps to set the WestminsterChime on Westminster Series Rhythm Clocks

1. Remove the battery cover.
2. Before inserting the batteries, make sure to set the time at around 5:50(A.M.) by turning the hand-setting knob on the movement.
3. Insert the batteries according to (+) and (-) marking in the battery compartment. (When the batteries are inserted, melody function is automatically set for 5:00 A.M. regardless of the time indicated on your clock.)
4. To set the time and melody, please make sure to turn the hand CLOCKWISE. If present time is P.M., make sure hour hand passes through 12 o'clock until the desired time is shown. While setting the time, you will hear chimes, but continue until the desired time is reached. Once the desired time is set, the melody will start sounding correctly. *The 4 x 4 mode will not work correctly during the first hour after time is set. However, after that, it works perfectly. This is normal for this movement.
Remington Nature Clock Manual
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