Yajur Veda Ghanam

Yajur Veda Ghanam

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Vedic chants and Ghana patha. Vedic mantras have been orally handed down over the generations from the oldest known times in the human. Seven vyahritis(invocations to the seven worlds) Oṁ tat saviturvareṇ(i)yaṁ bhargo devasya dhīmahi. Dhiyo yo naḥ pracodayāt. May we. Shri K. Suresh – Yajur Veda Blessing Ghana Patha: Mantras for all Occasions – Samhita and Ghanam (Set of 2 Audio CDs) – Music.

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Recitations / chanting (Veda Paath) of Vedic Samhita practiced in different parts of the country with accent and variations. Recording of eminent scholars for creating awareness and propagation of the Vedic wisdom with their relevance in present day. Textual details of Vedic Samhitas, Brahmanas, Aranyakas.

How exactly does Ghanapatha work and can someone point me to examples?

The ultimate authority in Vedic matters is never the printed page but rather the few members This is considered the most difficult patha to master and also the best among the pathas. Since the order of the words does not matter much in Sanskrit, chanting a mantra in Ghanapatha is equivalent to chanting the Mantra thirteen times.

Email required Address never made public. Mantrasor sacred sounds, are used to pierce through sensual, mental and intellectual levels of existence all lower strata of consciousness for the purpose of purification and spiritual enlightenment.

Yajur Veda Aashirwada Ghanam Vol.1 – Audio CD

Such traditions of Vedic chant are often considered the oldest unbroken oral tradition in existence, the fixation of the Vedic texts samhitas as preserved dating to roughly the time of Homer early Iron Age.

Wayne Howard noted in the preface of his book, Veda Recitation in Varanasi”The four Vedas Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva are not ‘books’ in the usual sense, though within the past hundred years each veda has appeared in several printed editions. De Gruyter February 1, The simplest of these is Jata patha.

A priest who can recite in the Ghana method is given the title ghanapAThi. Just to illustrate what it takes for a priest to earn the title of a ghanapAThi, let us briefly analyze what is involved in the training. Indidigital7 14 December at He who is well versed in the Word-Brahman, attains to the Supreme Brahman.

Vedic chants and Ghana patha

Written forms came into being much later and it was retained purely by memory until then. Vaakya or samhitA pATha is to recite a mantra in a sentence straight with appropriate intonations. These are usually marked with intuitive svara marks – an underline for lower tone, a small vertical line above the letter for a higher tone and two vertical lines for Deergha Svarita.

The samhita, pada and krama pathas can be described as the natural recitation styles or prakrutipathas. Notify me of new posts via email.

Vishnu’s Blog: Gayatri Ghanapatha

History of Science, History of Text. These three were called Prakritipathas i. So, reciting Vedas in Ghanapatha gives fruit 13 times more than normal recitation. Retrieved 29 August In this patha, the verses are split up into words, dissolving internal. Om is water, light, taste, immortality, Brahman, the earth, the netherworld, and the heavens.


In my humble attempt at learning this Ghanapatha I googled it but found surprisingly little sources of information about its significance, translation, and instructions on its application in poojas. Spectrobes origins walkthrough. Glossary of Hinduism terms Hinduism portal.

The chanting pundit needs to be extremely careful even if he has done it innumerable times. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Views Read Edit View history. I have heard that Ghanapatha is a very useful way of preserving information by combining phrases in different permutations. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Each text was recited in a number of ways, to ensure that the different methods of recitation acted as a gbana check on the other.

Portions of the Vedantic literature elucidate the use of sound as a spiritual tool. They assert that the entire cosmic creation began with sound: Thank you so much for your answer.

You are commenting using your WordPress. It helps in both preservation of Vedas and generation of powerful vedic vibrations.

Yajur Veda Aashirwada Ghanam Vol.1 – Audio CD

The students are first taught to memorize the Vedas using simpler methods like continuous recitation samhita pathaword by word recitation pada patha in which compounds sandhi are dissolved and krama patha words are arranged in the pattern of ab bc cd For instance, if we consider “1”, “2,” and “3” to be their own phrases, then ganapata would be something like Vedic study was the profession of a brahmin and hence he was expected to chant it daily.

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Join or Log Into Facebook. But can someone provide more concrete examples and explanations?

Sanskrit examples of Ghanapatha recitation?

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Yajur Veda Ghanam
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