The Summer Solstice By Nick Joaquin Pdf Printer

The Summer Solstice By Nick Joaquin Pdf Printer

“Summer Solstice” Analysis “Summer Solstice” is a short story that has received recognition both critical and praising. Written by Nick Joaquin, the story takes place in 1850s Philippines during the festival days of St.

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The story started with a flashback. The ball had ended and the guest started leaving the house. Old Anastasia sent the girls upstairs to sleep. At the girls’ room, old Anastasia started telling a story telling that when you looked into a mirror and say the chanting spell, you will be able to see the one you will marry. Agueda, very curious of the story, went down the hall silently. When Agueda was in front of the mirror, she closed her eyes and chant the chanting spell “Mirror, mirror, show to me whose woman I will be.” If it goes all right, her lover will appear above her left shoulder, but if not, the devil will appear above her right shoulder.

Then, she heard a voice of a little child. It was asking her who appeared when she cast the spell. Agueda said that it was a devil. It has a scar and a beard like his father, but it’s very different. Also, the devil has a darker skin. Agueda told her child that if don’t want to see the devil, she must stop the habit of looking in a mirror.

Don Badoy entered the room, saying that her charm doesn’t need a candle. Agueda got angry and it leads to a talk fight. At last, Agueda ended up crying. Don Badoy begged for forgiveness, but instead, she bit his knuckles and went upstairs. Don Badoy got angry and decided to take revenge, but she had thought of how beautiful Agueda is and that she fell in love with her.

Years had passed and Don Badoy was already sixty years old. He walks to the hall and felt something. It was his son in front of the mirror. His schoolmates told him how he would see his future wife. Then, Don Badoy remembered when he was about his age, that he saw a witch, witch ate his heart and drank his blood.


Voltaire shared to his grandfather what his mother told him. Now that Agueda was dead, She was free from the brutality of the world and now she could rest in peace. Voxengo span plus keygen mac.


The story is quiet too long. But, too short to summarize. But it’s amazing how we Filipino’s believed in superstitious beliefs. But, it’s kinda hard to understand this very long story. My head hurts thinking about what’s happening in the story, whether if it is a flash back or something. It’s like building a house without enough knowledge or materials, it’s hard. I had asked so many questions inside my head.


So many things needed to be answered inside my head, but still, I learned something about this story. Magical Realism, it’s like the elements of the story had been mixed up, magical world and the real world starts to blend. This kind of story is like a novel already. It’s like you want you wanted to charge your phone but its wire is tangled up.

The Summer Solstice By Nick Joaquin Pdf Printer
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