Flight Simulator X - Abacus - Da40 Tdi Diamond Star

Flight Simulator X - Abacus - Da40 Tdi Diamond Star

The Diamond Star is a four place general aviation aircraft with great handling characteristics and excellent visibility. Included are 3 different versions of the DA40 TDI: one for VFR flight, another for IFR operations and a third with Garmin 1000 glass cockpit.

Product Images

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This product is a discontinued product and no longer available to purchase from IRIS Flight Simulation Software. Support and re-downloads for existing purchasers are still available as normal.

Simulator requirements

Microsoft Flight Simulator X patched to SP2 standard

OR Microsoft Flight Simulator X with the Acceleration Expansion pack installed

OR Microsoft Flight Simulator X Gold edition.

Current Version & Hotfixes

Current Version available via sales partners – Version 1.20

Version 1.20 to 1.25 Hotfix (864Kb) – Download

  • Persistent rolling of the aircraft during flight resolved.
  • Adjustment of the ‘smaller’ airports on the MFD allows for greater map range with small airport visibility.

Product Description


This product is an artistic representation of the subject matter, which is inspired by the Diamond DA-40 XLS.
IRIS Flight Simulation Software does not endorse and is not endorsed by, or otherwise linked to, Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH.

The Diamond Star is the first of a series of General Aviation aircraft from IRIS Flight Simulation Software and has been an enjoyable experience for the team from design & development, through to release.

IRIS are also proud to announce that this is the debut design from Mr. Jose Valdez. Jose is a long time IRIS customer who has turned his talents to 3D modeling in FSDS and is responsible for the 3D mesh you see in this aircraft.

As usual, our flight modeling was contracted to the fantastic Jade Island Flight Test Center run by Pamela Brooker who has provided an enjoyable flight model which performs closely to the published specifications of the Diamond DA-40 AFM.

IRIS’ in house team has been responsible for the product audio and the development of the gauges in the aircraft including providing a modified G-1000 unit developed specifically for this aircraft.

Overall IRIS are very proud of the work done on their first G.A. aircraft and you can expect more of the same in the coming years.

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  • Custom soundpack.
  • All new 3D gauges and customised G1000 for the DA-40.
  • Four visual models covering both the twin bladed and three bladed prop variants with or without wheel covers.
  • A superb flight model for the light handling of the DA-40 aircraft.
  • A wide variety of paintschemes and two paintkits aimed at ease of repainting by users.

Video Preview

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Flight Simulator X - Abacus - Da40 Tdi Diamond Star
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