Ebook The Little Prince Bahasa Indonesia Inggris Translator Jobs

Ebook The Little Prince Bahasa Indonesia Inggris Translator Jobs

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Once upon a time there lived a beautiful girl kindhearted. The girl named Cinderella
Her kindness made everyone love him even animals loved her, too, especially his two friends Gus and Jaq. They would do anything for Cinderella friend.

Cinderella lives with stepmother and two stepbrothers named Anastasia and Drizella.
In contrast to the good and diligent Cinderella, Anastasia and Drizella very lazy and jealous. They told Cinderella do all the jobs crate cleaning, sewing, cooking and gardening.
Although the two brothers very bad treatment but Cinderella trying to do my best and try to make stepmother and two stepbrothers happy.
Mrs Tremaine Cinderella Tiri mother was the cold, cruel and very envious of the charm and beauty of Cinderella.
He was happy to make cinderella busy with all the work, even Cinderella that fatigue does not make him sorry. He even gave an additional task that is requested Cinderella bathing naughty cat, Lucifer.
Ebook the little prince bahasa indonesia inggris translator jobs english
One day, an emissary from the palace arrived by special invitation. There will be a big party at the palace.
The king wants his son immediately look for a wife. Every young girl in the kingdom were invited, including Cinderella.

Cinderella was very excited by the invitation to the party. In the attic, he found a dress that once belonged to her mother.
The dress is a little old-fashioned, but with his intelligence Cinderella make the dress to be beautiful!
Mrs Tremaine Cinderella did not want his stepson went to the party to be held at the palace. He wants the Prince to meet Anastasia and Drizella. He is hopeful Prince will marry one of her two children!

Mrs Tremaine continue to give Cinderella a job very much. He will make Cinderella busy all night. This will make Cinderella did not have a chance to come to a big party at the royal palace.
While Cinderella continues to work to complete the task of his stepmother, the mice and the birds help make dresses cinderella be wonderful. They add ribbon and beads that have been discarded by both Cinderella's stepsister.
The animals that work together to create a simple old-fashioned dress the dress is beautiful and remarkable.
Cinderella was very happy to see her mother's dress. The dress is very beautiful and richly in his body. Now he can go to a party with confidence.
'Oh, thank you so much!' Said Cinderella on his friends Gus, Jaq, and the birds.

When Cinderella's stepsister saw ribbons and beads long their Cinderella dresses, they become angry. They envy the beautiful Cinderella dress and glittering.
Although the beads and ribbons that have their waste, they ask for it back. They even tore Cinderella dress to release the beads and ribbons. Mrs Tremaine did not stop the girls. He was jealous because cinderella look very pretty and charming using the old dress.
Laughing, the two stepbrothers left Cinderella.
Cinderella's dream to go to the party vanished. Not enough time for him to be able to go to the palace.
Cinderella run to the garden and cried. At that time all of a sudden, came the Fairy Godmother.
With her magic wand to change the pumpkin into a beautiful carriage. Cinderella can now go to a party, but there is still one problem. Cinderella dress has been damaged and can not be used.

'Bibbidi-Bobbidi-boo!' Said the fairy godmother waving her wand back. Magical Cinderella now wearing beautiful gowns and sparkling glass slippers.
But the fairy mother warned. By the time the clock struck 12:00 the night right, magic spells will vanish.
At the party, a handsome prince can not release his eyes from Cinderella who looks amazingly pretty and charming.
No wasted chance he immediately invites Cinderella to dance.
The orchestra played, and Prince started dancing with a beautiful girl whose name he still does not know.
And for Cinderella, the night was a dream come true.

Time passed, the clock starts approaching midnight. 'Goodbye!' Said Cinderella and then hurried away.
'Wait!' Said the Prince. 'I do not even know your name!'
Cinderella ran in a hurry. He worried dimension perni mother vanished when he was still in the party. When running one of her glass slippers behind.

Both Cinderella and Prince Charming can not forget the events of that night. They both miss each other.
Prince sent a messenger to find a girl who fits the glass slipper. The envoy came to each house to ask all the girls try the glass slipper.
Both stepbrother tried Cinderella glass slipper. Their legs were both too big but continued to force entry
Lady Tremaine Cinderella locked in the attic, but friends rat Cinderella release him.
At the time try the glass slipper Cinderella brought the palace messenger, Lady Tremaine tripped so that the glass slipper Cinderella had broken but the other in his pocket. And it fits!
Cinderella and the prince get married. Everyone rejoice, including friends Cinderella mice Gus and Jaq, who wore a special outfit for the wedding.
Filled with joy, Prince Charming and Cinderella live happily ever after.
Ebook The Little Prince Bahasa Indonesia Inggris Translator Jobs
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