Biodata High School Love Story China

Biodata High School Love Story China


. A great love story: inspired by the best examples of Japanese animation, developers created an amazing anime-style 3D stealth action game. A detailed simulation of school life, complete immersion in the anime world; attend classes, sit at the last desk by the window or walk around hunting down your opponents, have no mercy, in the end. Everyone was perfect for their character The story was amazing. School 2015 focused on bullying problem and family problem. School 2017 focus on how teenager pursuing their dreams and internal school problem (such as corruption in school and discrimination between students), which is more suitable for High School drama.

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  • Name: Kanta Sato
  • Japanese: 佐藤寛太 (さとう かんた)
  • Born: June 16, 1996
  • Birthplace:Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
  • Height: 181 cm
  • Blood Type: B


  1. Member of stage troupe 'Gekidan EXILE'.


  • High & Low The Worst (2019) - Tetz
  • Bento Harassment Kyo mo Iyagarase Bento (2019)
  • Jam (2018)
  • Run! T High School Basketball Club Hashire! T Ko Basuketto Bu (2018) - Koji Taimakizono (Zono)
  • Family Story Kazoku no Hanashi (2018) - Watanabe
  • DTC Yukemuri Junjo hen From High & Low (2018) - Tetz
  • Missions of Love Watashi ni xx Shinasai (2018) - Akira Shimokki
  • High & Low The Movie 3 Final Mission (2017) - Tetz
  • High & Low The Movie 2 End of Sky (2017) - Tetz
  • Love and Lies Koi to Uso (2017) - Sosuke Takachiho
  • High & Low The Red Rain (2016) - Tetz
  • Itazurana Kiss The Movie: Campus Itazura na Kiss THE MOVIE2 Kyanpasu hen (2017) - Naoki Irie
  • Itazurana Kiss The Movie in High School Itazura na Kiss THE MOVIE Haisukuru hen (2016) - Naoki Irie
  • High & Low The Movie (2016) - Tetz
  • Road To High & Low (2016) - Tetz

Drama Series

  • Chuzai Keiji Season 2 (TV Tokyo / 2020) - Shohei Karube
  • Secret Unrequited Love Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu (TV Asahi / 2019) - Ritsu Suzuya
  • Chuzai Keiji (TV Tokyo / 2018) - Shohei Karube
  • The Detective is Way Ahead Tantei ga Hayasugiru (NTV-YTV / 2018) - Tsubasa Jonochi
  • Missions of Love Watashi ni xx Shinasai (TBS-MBS / 2018) - Akira
  • High & Low Season 2 (Hulu / 2016) - Tetz
  • High & Low The Story of S.W.O.R.D. (NTV / 2015) - Tetz


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he's a good person, a great actor, hard worker. Fifa 13 regenerator i68 regenerator. I like him because he has a gazing look like saying 'I'm here dear don't be afraid . I'll protect you'. I will always support you and later .. I hope I can meet you. .he is damn handsome and cool but he looks even more coolish in hos bob marly hair lol?..I wish i could meet him?

He has the same aura as Kento Yamazaki(><). So cool. Saw him in Love and Lies.

Asdfghjkl. I watched Itazurana Kiss last few days ago. I hope there's part 4 of the movie. I really loved his character in that movie. ❤

Avenger age of putron hindi audio track download. Avengers Assemble (2012):Marvel’s The Avengers (classified under the name Marvel Avengers Assemble in the United Kingdom and Ireland), or simply The Avengers, is a 2012 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

First moment when I saw him, I think he looks like 2PM's Chansung. Now I'm truly fall for him. ^^ his role in Koi to Uso (Love and Lie) and Itazura na Kissu The Movie is great!

He looks like a respectable person and he is a good looking one too. I hope to see him in respectable roles as well.I do not understand the most recent movie being promoted though. Will it make a very good role model for kids and teens? I hope to watch him in roles that will not be too confusing and disturbing. I like his being versatile but I am really not happy about the xx movie. Call me old fashioned but I have values.

He reminds me about Takashi Kashiwabara as Irie Naoki. And he resembles Irie Naoki from anime perfectly. I want to see him on Itazura na kiss the movie part 3 soon. When will it released?

He resembles Irie Naoki from anime & manga perfectly

omg he's really cute and handsome, i love his character in itazurana kiss. <3

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High School King of Savvy
Written byJo Sung-hee
Yang Hee-seung
Directed byYoo Je-won
StarringSeo In-guk
Lee Ha-na
Lee Soo-hyuk
Lee Yeol-eum
Country of originSouth Korea
Original language(s)Korean
No. of episodes17 + 1 (special)
Production location(s)South Korea
Production company(s)Chorokbaem Media
DistributorCJ E&M
Original networktvN
Original releaseJune 16 –
August 11, 2014
External links
High School King of Savvy at Chorokbaem Media
High School King of Savvy
Revised RomanizationGogyocheosewang

High School King of Savvy (Korean: 고교처세왕; RR: Gogyocheosewang) is a 2014 South Korean television series starring Seo In-guk, Lee Ha-na, Lee Soo-hyuk and Lee Yeol-eum.[1] It aired on tvN from June 16 to August 11, 2014 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 23:00 for 17 episodes.[2]

  • 2Cast


Lee Min-seok is a high school student and varsity ice hockey player. He and his older brother Hyung-seok look very much alike, despite their nine-year age gap. When he gets a mysterious phone call from Hyung-seok telling him to impersonate his brother at the latter's new job, Min-seok is forced to pretend to be a high-ranking executive at an ITconglomerate. Living a double life while unaware of the rules within the Korean workplace, Min-seok learns how to navigate his way in the world of adults with the help of Jung Soo-young, a temp with an odd personality whom he eventually falls in love with.


Main characters[edit]

  • Seo In-guk as Lee Min-suk / Lee Hyung-suk[3][4][5][6][7]
    • Seo Dong-hyun as young Lee Min-suk
Lee Min-suk is 18 years old high school student, who is impersonating his brother Lee Hyung-suk (28 years old) at the latter's new job as director of Retail Team at Comfo company.
  • Lee Ha-na as Jung Soo-young[8][9][10]
Contract employee of Retail Team at Comfo company, later Retail Team's director's secretary, 28 years old.
  • Lee Soo-hyuk as Yoo Jin-woo[11][12]
Director of Project Team at Comfo company, illegitimate son of company's chairman, 30 years old.
  • Lee Yeol-eum as Jung Yoo-ah
Jung Soo-young's sister, 18 years old high school student.

Supporting characters[edit]

  • Oh Kwang-rok as Choi Jang-ho, Lee Min-suk's and Lee Hyung-suk adoptive father
  • Kwon Sung-duk as Choi Man-suk, Lee Min-suk's and Lee Hyung-suk adoptive grandfather
  • Han Jin-hee as Yoo Jae-guk, Yoo Jin-woo's father, chairman of Comfo company
  • Song Young-kyu as Nam Sang-goo, director at Comfo company
  • Jo Han-chul as Kim Chang-soo, team leader of Retail Team at Comfo company
  • Kim Won-hae as Han Young-suk, director at Comfo company
  • Park Soo-young as Yoon Dong-jae, assistant manager of Retail Team
  • Choi Phillip as Park Heung-bae, employee of Retail Team
  • Lee Joo-seung as Ji Dae-han, employee of Retail Team
  • Lee Ah-rin as Han Sang-hee, employee of Retail Team
  • Shin Hye-sun as Go Yoon-joo, employee of Retail Team
  • Chun Yi Seul as Yoon Do-ji, employee of Retail Team
  • Kang Ki-young as Jo Duk-hwan, Lee Min-suk's friend and classmate
  • Lee Tae-hwan as Oh Tae-suk, Lee Min-suk's friend and classmate
  • Kim Seung-hoon as Kim Dae-chul, Lee Min-suk's hockey coach
  • Ji Yoon-ho as Park Ki-hoon, Lee Min-suk's senior in hockey team
  • --- as Park Jin-joo
  • --- as Lee Bit-na

Cameo appearances[edit]

  • Yoon Yoo-sun as Jin-woo's mother
  • Jang Se-hyun as Jin-woo's friend
  • Min Ji-Ah as Soo-young's hometown friend
  • Shim Hyung-tak as a busy boyfriend
  • Lee Chung-ah as attractive girl
  • Park Hee-von as contract girl
  • Hana (Gugudan) as High School Girl

Original soundtrack[edit]

1.'고교처세왕 Title' (High School King of Savvy - Title)Various Artists0:33
2.'One Way'Trans Fixion3:56
3.'살다가보면' (As Life Goes On)Jung-in3:52
4.'설렘' (Fluttering Heart)Honey G3:47
5.'돌아오는 길' (Finding Myself)Seo In-guk3:43
7.'돌아오는 길 (Inst.)' (Finding Myself (Inst.))Various Artists3:43
8.'빅뉴스' (Big News)Various Artists1:54
9.'무조건 열심히'Various Artists2:20
10.'Blue Sky'Various Artists2:18
11.'Raining'Various Artists3:10
12.'Sundown'Various Artists2:18
13.'우정'Various Artists1:58
14.'정비서'Various Artists2:01
15.'Ice Field'Various Artists2:18
16.'Run'Various Artists2:31
17.'고마워요' (Thank You)Various Artists2:36


  • In this table, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.
  • N/A denotes that the rating is not known.
Ep.Original broadcast dateAverage audience share
AGB Nielsen
1June 16, 20141.47%
2June 17, 20141.33%
3June 23, 20141.66%
4June 24, 20141.08%
5June 30, 20141.74%
6July 1, 20141.95%
7July 7, 20141.51%
8July 8, 20141.72%
9July 14, 20141.45%
10July 15, 20141.85%
11July 21, 20142.9%
12July 22, 20141.92%
13July 28, 20141.53%
14July 29, 20141.49%
15August 4, 20141.74%
16August 5, 20141.91%
17August 11, 20141.83%
SpecialAugust 12, 2014N/A
  • This drama airs on a cable channel/pay TV which normally has a relatively smaller audience compared to free-to-air TV/public broadcasters (KBS, SBS, MBC and EBS).

Awards and nominations[edit]

7th Korea Drama Awards
Excellence Award, ActorSeo In-gukNominated
tvN10 Awards
Best KissSeo In-guk and Lee Ha-naNominated
Best ChemiSeo In-guk (as Lee Min-suk) and Seo In-guk (as Lee Hyung-suk)Nominated

International broadcast[edit]

  • Thailand - Workpoint TV (February 1, 2015)[13]
  • Taiwan - GTV (May 29, 2015)[14]
  • Malaysia - Tv9 (February 16, 2016)
  • Ghana - Joy Prime


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  • Official website(in Korean)
  • High School King of Savvy at HanCinema
  • High School King of Savvy on IMDb
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